Screenflex Portable Partitions - The World’s Most Versatile Room Dividers

Screenflex FAQ's


1. How much sound do the partitions absorb?

Sound absorption tests have shown that Screenflex Partitions can absorb 30% to 55% of the sound in a room, depending on the height of the partition and the set-up configuration. These tests were done in laboratory conditions and make no allowance for the sound reducing effects of people and soft furnishings.

2. What is the exact height of the tallest Screenflex unit?

2438mm (8ft) this dimension is from the floor to the top of the unit and includes the wheels.

3. What is the longest Screenflex unit?

The longest FREESTANDING unit is 7340mm (24’1” long) including the end frames. However, all FREESTANDING units, and some WALLMOUNT units can be equipped with ganglocks, which enable two, three, or more units to be locked together to achieve longer lengths as required.

4. What is the difference between Screenflex fabrics?

In terms of durability and cleaning, there is virtually no difference between the two main fabric ranges – Excel and Designer. Both fabrics cost the same. If necessary, we can offer other fabrics although there is a surcharge and delivery times can be affected. Please call our sales line for more details.

5. How long do deliveries take from order?

All Screenflex partitions are made to order and delivery to your door is normally a maximum of eight weeks from order for standard units. A limited amount of stock screens are available and delivery from stock is normally within 10 days. Items not in stock usually take 6-8 weeks. 

6. Can Screenflex manufacture custom heights or lengths?

We regret that our production process means that no modifications can be made to the standard range.

7. Where are Screenflex Partitions made?

Screenflex UK is a British company and is the national distributor for Screenflex in the UK All the components for the screens are made in America where the product is patented and has been made since 1989.

8. Will Screenflex save me money?

Screenflex is easily positioned, often by just one person, quickly and easily, cutting time and labour costs.

9. What is a Screenflex Partition made from?

The inner core of a partition is a honeycomb, corrugated material that is enclosed in a steel frame. This is then heat sealed with lightweight fibreglass, and wrapped with 100% polyester fabric. The end result is lightweight, easily cleaned, tackable and durable.

10. What is the Screenflex warranty?

Screenflex warrants its products to be free from defects in workmanship and material for one year from date of delivery.

11. Are Screenflex Partitions fire safe?

Yes, Screenflex partitions are flame resistant in line with BS476, Part 7.

12. Where can Screenflex Partitions are seen in use?

Screenflex UK hold a database of all clients who have purchased the products, most of whom are happy to show prospective customers their screens. Contact the sales office on 01684 773111 for a contact in your area. Plus many other conference centres, airports, universities, colleges, schools, churches, mosques, government offices, hospitals and training centres. Please call our sales team to find the closest Screenflex site to you.


Screenflex is available in 3 different forms:

The world’s most versatile room divider

Based on our famous freestanding screens

Heavy Duty
The world’s toughest portable partition

Examples of Screenflex screens in situ